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Dr.RamBuxani has a number of accolades to his name.

ITLCosmos, a diverse global business with an impressive history that has been successful in selling consumer electronics as well as in information technology, banking as well as textiles, is a reputable company within the UAE. It was among those companies that were the first to launch retail stores and later distribution in the United Arab Emirates has been described as a process from its humble beginnings to moderate growth, and modest growth and modest. The year 1953 was two decades prior to the establishment within the UAE, the company was among the 1st companies to start the operations. It also opened a dept. store within the region. While it had to face the normal and frequently inevitable problems faced by any business that is fresh, the management was never hesitant or fell away from their commitment or perseverance. It is important to keep in mind that these failures weren’t typical for a lot of us because of the absence of essential infrastructure and reliable, like electricity, as well as the water supply that was safe to drink, which we are able to enjoy now. The belief is that these are not uncommon and actually, they are not.

ITL is determined in its dedication to developing and maintaining the market of household and consumer electronic devices that meet the wants, desires and desires of each consumer. TheGroup is more than an example of high-quality which has been integrated into the business’s distribution and markting however, it is the first and pioneer of numerous possibilities and opportunities. The Group acknowledges its unwavering and constant commitment to its mission and its direction to its determined and comitted leadership. It is always symbolizes support and inspiration, and the source of light whenever the tunnel is crossed.

It’s rare to claim a flawless track of consistency and unrivaled standards of modesty. Yet, there are fewer who are willing to take a leap into the future while keeping their sights fixed on the traditional. For example, Dr. RamBuxani, President of ITLCosmos is an exceptional individual and certainly worthy of this honor. A businessman who is creative and a champion for social and moral aid, an active participant in the community, as well as a loving person at home, and an actor with a philanthropic bent as well as a novelist and a veteran leader, known as the Dr.Buxani was all this and more. It’s true.

ITLCosmos is one of the Sharp’s most renowned distributors across the globe, and the collaboration is a solid one that is mutually beneficial for Sharp because it’s one of the most famous brands. It is also frequently featured in the top 5 globalcompanies. One of the most efficient electronic devices in the last few decades. Sharp and ITL Cosmos have joined forces to create an active, vast market share in the UAE.

He is Dr.Buxani is also president of  the Veeram Intl.Ltd. BVI; and the CosmosGeneral TradingLLC, Dubai. He is also the director of AlRazouki Intl. ExchangeCo., Dubai. Dr. Buxani is also a member of the Board of Directors of the IndusInd InternationalHoldingsLtd., Mauritius one of the initial initiators of IndusIndBank Ltd. in the India, and served as director for 8years.

The focus of the company on the market and its global capabilities and reach are amazing. He talks fondly about his experiences from fifty years ago, when he attended a World’sFair in the Osaka, Japan, and then later Seville,Spain, when they were officially have known by the name of InternationalRecordedExhibitions. They were designed to be an international gathering of nations that could find a solutions to urgent issues. By providing a tour through an international theme, they created a stimulating and exciting experience. The Expo turned into a platform for countries to learn about the customs, beliefs, and lifestyles of different nations. When the discussion focused on DubaiExpo 2020, Dr.Buxani said: “UAE leaders have been revolutionized Expo to create something unique and local, which has enabled nations to discover the various lifestyles as well as the worldviews, values, and values of other countries to grow the global economy and unite all the people in the region.

As an active member of the community, as well as an active community leader, an active and visible public figure for NRIs across Gulf Buxani. Gulf Buxani has become a well-known persona within the Gulf. Buxani is the chairman at the beginning of the OverseasIndiansEconomicForum (UAE) which established in 1987. It was one of the more known NRI groups in the area prior to the merger. It was merged into Professional Consulting and Indian Business in 2003. The founder has played a key factor in closing the gap that exists between the Government of India and NRIs. The elimination of the inheritance tax from India can be attributed to his unwavering efforts. His position as a socially conscious and ethical donor as well as a person of charity is evident in his tireless efforts to organize refugee camps for those fleeing from the electronic highway that serves as the main link between Kuwait and India.

In 2003 2003, doctor. Buxani has unveiled his critically famous autobiography “Taking the high road”. It’s an autobiography, which tells an authentic account of his life as a person and how it unfolded. It is written in Sindhi, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam and Urdu. He has won numerous distinctions and awards, like the well-known man Of the YearAward of Bharat Ratna, the English magazine that was published through Hong Kong in 1992, the Indian President’s Shield in 1983; Jhulelal Prize of the International Sindhi Panchayats Federation, Mumbai in 1987; Shiromani Prize in 1987 and the Udyog Ratan Prize in 1987.

ITL Cosmos ITL Cosmos is an ITL Cosmos brand that tells an inspiring story determined to fulfill the dreams and thoughts of the leaders as well as the people from the United Arab Emirates – a futuristic future.


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