[Webinar] Rationale Writing Workshop for Policymakers and Investigators – July 21, 11:30 am to 3:30 pm ET | TNG Consulting

July 21, 2021

11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET

$ 399 non-member
$ 349 member

* Group rates available, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Description of the course: Title IX regulations of 2020 require hearing and appeal justifications (as well as justifications for terminations and emergency dismissal decisions). As a result, the justifications are scrutinized more than ever, and it is now easier to challenge the stated justification of a college or school, as all reasoning and analysis is now laid bare for all participants to attend. see them and examine them. Are your investigators and decision-makers ready to write clear and defensible justifications? If not, ATIXA is here to improve reasoning writing skills and increase the competence of your trainees.

This 4 hour (half day) workshop is fully engaging and practical for decision makers and investigators. Often as part of an investigation report, and always as part of the outcome letter of the hearing and appeal, a rationale must be provided. This justification includes an analysis of all the facts considered, the application of the policy, an assessment of credibility, the application of the standard of proof, the conclusion, the final decision, the formulation of sanctions and the reasons for those. -this.

The justifications are often difficult – we know our decision but how do we write it down?

Credibility in particular is a challenge – how do we explain why we believe or don’t believe someone?

This workshop is a hands-on clinic on mastering rationale writing using a fascinating new ATIXA case study to train your brain in this particular skill. There will be a brief Zoom classroom instruction, a discussion of the case study, a break to write your draft, and then a selective (anonymous) sharing of the drafts with the group for review and comments by the instructor and participants. All participants will also receive a copy of ATIXA’s justification template for the case.

Who should be present:

  • Title IX investigators
  • Civil rights investigators
  • Hearing officers
  • Call agents
  • Jural advisor
  • Title IX team members
  • Title IX coordinators
  • Chairpersons of hearing panels

Learning outcomes:

  • What is a justification and how is it used?
  • What should be included in a justification? What should be excluded?
  • What should the internal rationale review and approval process look like?
  • How justifications can contribute to litigation vulnerability and how to ensure that your justifications stand up to legal scrutiny.
  • How to best distill what decision-makers think and then reduce it to a clear and concise written summary

Certification: This is not a certification course, but all participants will receive an accredited completion badge.

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