Two Warnings About Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood DLC

Tomorrow marks the release of Borderlands 3’s third DLC, Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption, and while I can’t talk about it until then, there are two things I wanted to address before launch day.

One of them that I wanted to mention a while ago, but I couldn’t do it until Gearbox itself discussed it yesterday on the Bordercast. In short, there are two different things you need to know ahead of tomorrow’s DLC.

The level cap increases … again

Yes, yesterday it was confirmed that once again Borderlands 3 is raising its max level by a few points from 57 to 60, another small increase and the third in the game to date.

While it’s always nice to play with three new skill points, the problem is that it invalidates pretty much anything you’ve ever farmed, including, for example, the event-exclusive Cartel gear that you literally have can not surpass level 57, which is why many of the powerful weapons in this event weren’t nerfed except for Yellowcake which accidentally did twice as much damage.

So yeah, you’ll have to farm pretty much all of your inventory again to be able to say you’ve got the best arsenal you can, and as the last few times that happened, there’s a good chance you’ll be replacing your old favorites. with new random drops in no time, especially once you hit the new cap, which shouldn’t take very long.

I will say, however, that unlike some of the past level cap increases, some weapons are so good in the current state of the game that when combined with the decreased health of the enemy Mayhem 10, you can still find that some level 57 weapons are viable at level 60 and outperform newer entries. There aren’t many, but I found that even at level 60 my level 57 Monarch at 150% radiation damage or my 200% skill during the Kaoson action were still shredding them. good characters with good constructions. Although obviously the new goal is to find a level 60 version of these exact rolls to make them even better. (Although I’ve heard that some people are so frustrated with these constant increases that they’ll just use save editors to change their item level.)

In short, what I’m saying is don’t go crazy with some last minute super farming to “prep” for tomorrow’s DLC. Raising the cap will pretty much invalidate your efforts, and it needs to be part of a larger conversation about how annoying that it keeps happening for 2-3 months at most.

There are new Guardian Rank skills that you may miss or have disabled

It’s not just something that was discussed on the Bordercast yesterday, but it’s something that even after four full DLC games last week, I didn’t realize it was a thing. up to I watched the Bordercast.

Three new Guardian Rank skills have been added to this tree. The reason I missed them is that you have to scroll the Guardian Rank page, but you can’t do that with your scroll wheel or clicking the arrow on the screen, you literally have to press the arrow to the bottom of your keyboard. as the only way to see them.

The new skills are:

Pioneer – Melee or Slam attacks will trigger a retort, dealing 25% of all non-melee damage you’ve dealt in the last five seconds.

dead man walking – When you are not moving, your Fight for Your Life meter drains 50% slower.

Lead or Alive – When you enter Fight for Your Life, your weapons are automatically reloaded.

All of these are unlocked at 125 points in the Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter trees respectively, but there has to be an additional warning here. While I unlocked one with Amara and found it instantly active, when I switch to my other characters it shows up as off unless I manually activated it. So you will probably have to do this for all of them, otherwise you will not even feel their effects.

They look good, but I can’t comment on the way they play because I just got the first one. FFYL look particularly good and designed for events like Takedown where a single death can ruin an entire race. I’m curious about Groundbreaker, to see if that makes melee or slam viable, as it’s been a problem for months now.

Anyway, I just thought you should know about these two things now that they can be discussed openly. My thoughts on the DLC will be live tomorrow.

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