Trump’s social media company disputes he quit its board

Donald Trump’s social media company on Thursday disputed a report that the former president quit its board, despite Florida state business records suggesting he did.

Why is this important: Trump Media & Technology Group is at the heart of ongoing federal and state investigations into a blank check company it has agreed to merge with.

What happened: Trump Media & Technology Group told the Florida Corporations Division in April that Donald J. Trump was a “director” of the company. His son, Donald Trump Jr., former White House official Kashyap Patel and former apprentice candidate Wes Moss were also listed as “directors”.

A subsequent filing dated June 8 indicates that Trump, Trump Jr., Patel and Moss are all expected to be removed as listed directors.

  • TMTG Chief Operating Officer Andrew Northwall and General Counsel Scott Glabe are also to be removed.

Based on these documents, it would appear that only CEO Devin Nunes remains on TMTG’s board, while the only other listed executive is CFO Phillip Juhan.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported on the filings, prompting the following statement from TMTG:

“Contrary to an ‘exclusive’ fake news story filed by a reporter unable to understand state business records, Donald Trump remains on the board of directors of Trump Media and Technology Group. In fact, the reporter acknowledges that Trump’s title is “president” but apparently has no idea what a president presides over. Hope this helps clear things up.

What there is to know: The chairs of the boards of directors are voting members of the boards of directors, just as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a voting member of the court. So it’s strange that TMTG uses this distinction between president and director in its denial, especially since TMTG itself was the one who listed Trump as “director” in April.

  • The company also did not comment on the other departures listed, and a spokesperson did not return a request for clarification.
  • Both Trump and Trump Jr. have posted on Truth Social over the past day.
  • Digital World Acquisition Corp., the blank check company merging with TMTG, has not made any federal securities filings reflecting leadership or board changes at TMTG. He did, however, acknowledge the departure of one of his own directors, while disclosing subpoenas from a federal grand jury in New York.
  • TMTG itself was also recently subpoenaed, along with “current and former members of the company”. At the time, he said neither former President Trump nor CEO Devin Nunes was among those subpoenaed.

The bottom line: Nothing about TMTG or its namesake is conventional, and this is no exception.

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