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Cabify for Companies takes up the challenge and creates a responsible and tailor-made transport proposal for each company. Accessibility, reliability, stability are some of the key requirements in how you think about enterprise mobility.

Today, companies have an interest in providing a value proposition to their employees in the context of the digital and technological change that the world is going through. This is why Cabify for Companies has technology as its main ally.

how do you do? Starting with a service that generates greater value in transport by providing a personalized and intuitive user experience and where data is the key to the continuous optimization of your devices.

But if we talk about interests and needs, each company has its own. Cabify for Companies emphasizes that its service allows them to carry their transport and logistics offers through a completely personalized user experience. This is achieved initially through the platform interface, which allows defining how and when employees will use the travel or dispatch service.

For this and other reasons, Cabbies for Companies is Argentina’s most preferred choice for corporate mobility and expeditions today. It is a commercial entity that provides services to more than 4,500 companies in the country through a 100% digital and customizable platform. Companies using this service include Mercado Libre, Coca Cola, Banco Santander, Mondelez, Banco Itaú and Mapfre.

Why choose Cabify for companies?

Although the technological age is already a reality, there are people who are still wary of it. But Cabify for Companies cares about its actions and its value proposition to provide the most efficient, reliable, safe and responsible service to its customers. Know the six reasons that differentiate this business service:

business shipping

More recently, Cabify added a new last mile urban delivery service for retail businesses and online sales.

Taking advantage of the potential of technology and the new collaborative economy model, Cabify seeks to provide a safe, quality, efficient and sustainable service in this new market.

As such, it opens a new chapter in the expansion and diversification of mobility solutions, this time targeting moving objects.

With this logistics proposal, it aspires to become a technology provider of instant delivery services to businesses. Bring consumers what they buy the same day, the next day or in less than two hours.

“We are working to continue to offer options for transfers or shipments across cities, adapted to the needs of users. There is no doubt that consumption is increasingly moving towards online sales and home delivery. Cabify, we deliver instantly, We aim to provide a solid logistics alternative to the needs of businesses looking for sustainable and efficient delivery options. We are fueling the growth of our model again with a pioneering service based on technological innovation” , Delivery at Cabify Gabriel Carpanelli, Head of

Carpanelli says that one of the challenges he will face is that the product reaches its sender quickly and safely and that the recipient can follow the path of the package in real time, because this will allow great exchanges between customers. Expectations arise. In fact, it is estimated that the number of customers opting for same-day delivery will increase by 36% each year for the next ten years, according to the global study “The Future of the Last Mile Ecosystem”. economic platform.

Likewise, the executive points out that, to guarantee excellence in the last mile, it is ideal to accept the challenge of having a variety of vehicles to improve the user experience.

Another major issue of the Last Mile is its ability to plot routes. For Carpanelli, technology plays an important role in this aspect, as it allows people to monitor the status of the delivery and guarantee the quality of service and delivery, which translates into a better experience for the sender. and the recipient. East.

Ultimately, the online shopping boom shouldn’t mean more delivery vehicles on the road and, therefore, more emissions. The efficiency, traceability and carbon offsetting of the shipments made must be at the heart of the industry. It will become increasingly important for companies to make high-level commitments to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions.


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