Should you appeal your civil case?

When you bring a civil action against another party, or if a civil action is brought against you, you may need to go to court. Once both parties have presented their case, a final decision will be made. If you don’t like the outcome of your case, you may be able to successfully appeal. Winning your appeal is the goal here, and it can bring you some much-needed relief from the decision that has been made.

When a case goes to court, the likely outcome is that one side will win and the other will lose. The losing party may not be happy with the outcome of their case and think it is unfair. However, just because you didn’t get the decision you wanted doesn’t mean an appeal is always a good idea or that you’ll win your case a second time. It is important to contact a lawyer if you think you need to appeal after your civil case. In some situations a call is appropriate and logical, but in other situations it may not be the right choice.

In Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney who can talk with you about appealing the decision in your case.

What is a call?

When a lower court makes a decision in a civil case, the losing party will have to pay compensation to the other party involved in the case. However, when an appeal is filed, it is essentially a request to the superior court to review the judgment and set it aside.

A case appealed will be considered by the Mississippi Superior Court. All of the information that was used in the lower court case to arrive at the current decision will be reviewed. Where a misstep or legal error has occurred, an appeal may be successful.

An appeal may result in the higher court deciding any of the following:

  • Confirm the lower court’s decision, then nothing changes for the party filing the appeal.
  • Adjust or change the decision made by the lower court.
  • Cancel the call.
  • Order a brand new trial.

The higher court will only use the evidence that was presented in the lower court’s case. This means that by appealing, you will not have the opportunity to introduce new information and evidence that was not included in the original court case. To that end, when you go to court, you should make sure you have all the relevant evidence and information you can get and put on file. If an appeal is the right course of action, anything you missed won’t be seen by the higher court.

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