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A Malaysian animal shelter called A Pet’s Journal (APJ) has been accused by netizens of carrying out a scam, worried netizens setting up a Facebook group named A Pet’s Journal Scam (APJ Scam) for exposing “dirt” on APJ.

The APJ Scam group also alleged that APJ is connected to other pages that claim to be dog shelters, such as Erlang’s Dogs, Quan Shelter and Shui Fen Dogs.

Previously, the alleged plight of the man who looked after the abandoned animals at Erlang’s Dogs had been noted by many media, including Mothership.

All four Facebook pages as well as APJ’s Instagram account appear to have been disabled at the time of writing, although APJ website, where they sell pet food, appears to be active.

Members of the group accused the APJ of profiteer donations from the public, while another netizen pointed out that images of their supporters and volunteers appeared to have been edited.

Screenshot via APJ’s Instagram

Screenshot via APJ’s Instagram

Since the creation of APJ Scam on Facebook on September 13, more than 1,200 users have joined the group in a few days.

The owners of APJ would have paid for a pet store that belonged to them

A social media user named Mukunan Thambisamy alleged that funds raised by APJ and their affiliate page, Erlang’s Dogs, went to a pet store owned by APJ’s owner.

“So they raised money to pay themselves?” Mukunan wrote.

He further alleged that it was a “new marketing strategy” for APJ to sell its products and make money “on the side”.

Mukunan’s post on the APJ page has since been deleted, but netizens have uploaded screenshots of his post.

Another surfer also posted screenshot of the company registration which was “Erlang’s Dogs”, which was allegedly linked to APJ. Rather than a non-governmental organization, the netizen pointed out that it is in fact registered as a business entity under the register of the Malaysian Companies Commission (SSM).

One of the owners of APJ registered under five companies

Meanwhile, a surfer called Darshini job on a police report she made about it, and urged other members of the “APJ Scam” group to report the scam to the authorities.

Documents that Darshini shared also show that one of the alleged owners of APJ had registered his name under five different business entities.

Four of them had the word “pets” in their company name, while the fifth was called “Chun Guan Rescue Dogs”.

APJ has denied the allegations

Meanwhile, APJ had denied the fraud allegations made by Internet users, before their page was deactivated.

APJ had refuse using the donations they have received from the public for personal gain.

APJ also appeared to deny claims that they used the money raised through donations to purchase a new pet store.

APJ added that they bought the pet store using money out of pocket to legally house their “rescue dogs” under the pet store’s license.

According to their message, authorities pressured to “evacuate” their dogs from their home premises, prompting them to “rent four premises with operating license (s)” to house some 150 dogs.

APJ further said they could not disclose their location for fear people would throw dogs on their premises.

They also mentioned that they spent “a huge chunk” of their savings on dog expenses, as there were times when donations to the shelter were insufficient.

APJ said it would turn dogs over to authorities if allegations escalate

Before concluding the post, APJ said they would turn all of their dogs over to local authorities if the allegations against them continued to escalate.

Internet users perceived the APJ’s final remark as “threatens“, while one commentator said it would be a”death sentence“to dogs, as the authorities could Choose to ask them.

Meanwhile, another commentator sharp that APJ has not clarified their alleged affiliation to the other three pages.

Pet adoption center arouses suspicion

A pet adoption center called “My Pets Haven (MPH)” took to Instagram to to share that APJ refused to disclose their location and did not allow them to visit them despite the fact that they had recovered three dogs.

MPH stressed its mistrust of APJ’s claim of lack of funds, as well as its continued appeals for donations “every month”, even after gaining “such exposure” from Malaysian media, this who should have helped raise the necessary funds.

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Top image via A Pet’s Journal / Facebook & Ruby Room / Facebook

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