More people get tested for COVID-19

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Businesses Expect and Prepare for the Biden Administration to Create New COVID-19 rules, including a rule that would require employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested weekly. The rule is still being worked out, but it’s being written as testing clinics see more and more people getting tested.

7 The surveys asked the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for data indicating how many private companies would be subject to this rule. Enterprises are separated into two types: 1) establishments which are defined as “an economic unit which produces goods or services, usually at a single physical location, and carrying on one or mainly one activity, and 2) enterprises which are defined as “a business entity, whether incorporated or otherwise”, and “may consist of one or more establishments”. For example, Menards Incorporated would be considered a business and each store would be considered an establishment.

The most recent data for the first quarter of this year shows that there are 3,673 establishments and 3,349 businesses. The number of employees for all of these establishments is 1,007,066 and there are 1,358,940 employees in these companies.

According to the Department of Health Services, just over 35% of adults 18 or older in Wisconsin are unvaccinated. Of course, each of the different businesses and facilities has different vaccination rates. However, if this 35% is applied to the current number of companies with more than a hundred employees and no new person decides to be vaccinated, approximately 360,530 employees in establishments and 486,501 in companies are expected. be tested weekly.

Test sites in north-central Wisconsin are noticing changes as fall colors change as well.

“We noticed at the beginning of September that the number of community members was increasing, that more community members were coming to our sites, so this is one of the reasons we have extended our hours,” said Corinna Neeb , Emergency Management Specialist at UW-Stevens Point.

UW-Stevens Point’s main campus hosted an average of 197 people per day between late August and last week. Its Wausau campus regularly accommodated 81 people and its Marshfield campus had around 17 people per day. Neeb said that unlike last year when students took distance learning courses, students are back on campus, limiting the size of rooms they can use for community testing.

The two main health systems are also recording increases. Aspirus said on Friday that the number of tests it had performed had increased 164% since August 1. The Marshfield Clinic performed around 6,700 COVID-19 tests last week, about double the previous month. He noted that at his peak he would perform around 10,000 tests per week. Both health systems are urging people to make an appointment to get tested for COVID-19 as staff resources are strained in their emergency department and emergency care due to seasonal illnesses and others. emergency room.

DHS data also shows an increase in testing, with new daily tests not quite reaching the peak of the outbreak last fall, but at levels similar to those in early November.

As more people are vaccinated, the number of people who should be tested would be reduced under the expected rule of the Biden administration. It is also looking to make COVID-19 testing more accessible in a variety of ways, including on mobile testing sites and by making home testing more affordable.

People can plan to take a COVID-19 test via Marshfield Clinic Where Aspire in line. To schedule a quick test at one of the UW-Stevens Point campuses, Click here.

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