Letter: A chimera that can come true

About 10 years ago, at an evening Vail Council meeting, there was an agenda item that allowed ordinary people to pitch their crazy ideas for meeting the housing needs of the workforce. of work. This is the last time I can remember such an open and fluid forum at a board meeting. An idea of ​​chimera comes to mind.

The notion was 3,000 beds in a structure above I-70! While this is a bit of a stretch, it is possible to get close to it at a site that is not finished, but adjacent to I-70. It’s the idea of ​​reallocating the property that was acquired by Vail Resorts for Ever Vail – now that the original project seems dead. The land includes Vail Resorts shops, an adjacent parking lot, as well as commercial and professional buildings.

Additionally, Vail Resorts appears to have effectively declared that it is out of real estate development as a key business entity. If both of these observations are true, there appears to be an opportunity to do the 3,000 bed project. Of course, this would be a project involving VR, the City of Vail, and private companies. This is clearly a once in a lifetime opportunity with the very crazy idea of ​​developing the hill lettuce growing fields into a ski area and into the town we know today. From my perspective, I “saw it all,” as I walked past those lettuce fields on my way to Aspen from the Midwest in the mid-1950s. So this crazy 3,000 bed idea isn’t so exaggerated from my point of view.

So what are Vail City Council and Vail Resorts saying?

Paul Rondeau


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