Governor Whitmer announces $ 5 million vaccine competition

Your decision to get vaccinated could end up earning you millions of dollars.

Following in the footsteps of several states, Michigan on Thursday announced the “MI Shot To Win” raffle with $ 5 million up for grabs, but only if you’re vaccinated.

Since the release of the COVID-19 vaccine in December, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has said the biggest push to get the vaccine is to protect yourself, your family and friends. Over the past few months, the state has seen the vaccination rate slow at a breakneck pace, so to kickstart that process, Governor Whitmer is putting money where his mouth is.

IIf you have already received or will receive a COVID-19 vaccine before July 10, you can enter to win one of 41 total prizes.

  • $ 1 million in circulation. There is one (1) $ 1 Million Drawing Prize for Michiganders aged 18 and over, consisting of $ 1 million awarded in the form of a check or electronic transfer to the confirmed winner.
  • $ 50,000 in daily drawings. There are thirty (30) Daily Drawing Prizes of $ 50,000 available to Michiganders aged 18 and over, each consisting of $ 50,000 awarded as a check or electronic transfer to confirmed winners.
  • $ 2 million drawing. There is one (1) $ 2 million drawing prize for Michiganders aged 18 and over, consisting of $ 2 million awarded in the form of a check or electronic transfer to the confirmed winner.
  • Stock exchange drawing. There are nine (9) Scholarship Draw Prizes available to Michiganders ages 12 to 17 whose parents register on their behalf. Each raffle prize consists of a four-year contract for the Michigan Education Trust (MET) Charitable Course Program (valued at $ 55,000) that can be used to pay for tuition and fees. compulsory in a college or university in accordance with the terms and conditions of the MET.

“I know some of you must be thinking, ‘Didn’t Ohio do this first? Ohio.”

Several states have turned to vaccine lottery incentives, finally Michigan has figured out how to make it work here.

“When Ohio first did it, we looked at whether or not we could replicate what they did,” Whitmer said, “But Michigan law forbids us to do it, the law on Games.”

The money comes from federal COVID relief dollars. The problem was who would run the lottery, and that’s where their partnership with Centraide and Meijer saved the day.

“Mainly to run a lottery-type raffle,” said Kerry Ebersole-Singh of the Protect Michigan Commission, “How to make that available and that’s where it’s really critical to partner with a business entity that offers vaccines but this is not their main activity. “

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