Governor McMaster says he expects legal battle with Department of Labor over COVID-19 workplace safety rules

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has called the US Department of Labor’s threat to revoke the state’s security plan another example of administration overshoot Biden.

The Department of Labor on Tuesday informed the state’s OSHA of its proposal to reconsider and revoke “the final approval of the South Carolina state plan.”

In June, OSHA released a temporary emergency standard to help protect health
healthcare industry workers from the spread of the coronavirus. Officials said they reminded states of their
regulatory obligation to adopt a standard “at least as effective” by July 21.

Federal regulators are requiring health care providers to give their employees certain PPE, follow social distancing guidelines, and allow them to take paid time off to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Federal officials at OSHA have said South Carolina is one of three states that have yet to adopt the temporary standards.

Jim Frederick, OSHA’s Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor, said, “No longer South Carolina refuses to adapt the temporary emergency standard for healthcare workers. Plus they unnecessarily put thousands of workers at risk from spreading the coronavirus. “

McMaster said on Wednesday: “I think they probably chose us because we are a powerful voice for the constitutionality of legislation and laws and they violate constitutional principles.”

The governor has asked OSHA to prepare for a long legal fight over this issue. He wrote on Twitter: “This is clearly a preemptive strike by the federal government. In the absence of state regulators, the Federal Department of Labor will be free to penalize employers who fail to comply with President Biden’s unconstitutional mandate on vaccines. “

Frederick said their mission was to keep workers safe on the job. He said: “The agency will not hesitate to use all its resources to protect workers from known health risks.”

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