Government ruined by fuel discounts at IVAucher

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Minister of Finance Joao Liao

The government’s announcement of a 10 cent per liter fuel rebate, via the IVAucher program, is strongly criticized by many Portuguese. There are those who speak of “Venezuela” for the country.

“There is no better way to control the population than by raising prices to ridiculous values ​​and then granting access using only” passwords “,” coupons “and 5 credits. euros on platforms with Very low adhesion as IVAucherThe explosion came from surgeon Carolina Vasconcelos who, via Twitter, says we’re watching “Venezuelan” of State.

This is an idea shared by other users of this social network and some people find that the only thing missing is to give the discount “through Venezuelan food bags“.

Francisco Almeida Leyte, who was Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in the government of Passos Coelho, in 2013, It is considered, also on Twitter, “Since working with the ISP and the rest takes more work, the government is taking action halfway. Between the Continente Card and the coupons typical of communist countries“.

IV Aucher is only a way of saying that it is given to all when it is only one Enjoy a small portion, where anyone who “benefits” must join the “service” and give their data to individuals. Surrealism And you don’t understand how nobody talks about it ”, points In turn, the Twitter user FCosta.

“Ridiculous gas tax policy”

Former Liberal Initiative presidential candidate Thiago Mayan Do you see, in turn, “There is no scenario in which you win a guess Give back what they took from you“.

And an Indecisor user too report On Twitter that “IVAucher for the discount on fuel Prevent many families from getting discounts“.

“If only one thing could be changed in this The VAT policy on gasoline is ridiculous, then give 5 euros for maximum consumption rather than minimum consumption. If you can change two, give each person low in energy 25 (that’s about a fifth of the population), ”notes Susanna Peralta, professor of economics at the New School of Business and Economics.

But there are also those who play with the situation, such as with Twitter user Alexandre Borges frieze That “the government is proposing a 3% salary increase, but it is paid via IVAucher”.

User: Tobias Behr she says “I thought we had a government, but after all we have A supermarket chain that offers discounts on IVAucher cards“.

Marcos Ramos, another Twitter user, pressures That “the government’s effort in Make IVAucher useful! It’s really about harnessing resources! “

Among the jokes and criticisms of the government, there are those who care about their application General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a subject that posed problems for the executive of Antonio Costa. Recently, news has emerged that The main portal revealed personal data citizens.

The professor at the Higher Institute of Engineering in Lisbon, Luis Evangelista, declares: “ IVAucher admission requirementsAnd Twitter users ask if they agree with them. “Isn’t the government ashamed to release GDPR and then provide a service like this?” , I continue to question myself.

On the other hand, there are those who note that “only the mandatory field was missing:” when accepting IVAucher I promise to vote PS in the next elections“”.

However, there are also those who remember that Platforms like Revolut, which is a digital bank, collects much more data than IVAucher.

IV Aucher inspected by the General Inspectorate of Finance

However, it is known that the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) will oversee the IVAucher program, according to the Office It was published by the Ministry of Finance in the newspaper Diario da Republica.

So, “inside of them Mission and legal obligationsThe IGF is responsible for “checking, simultaneously or subsequently, the IVAucher program”, indicates the transmission.

In this sense, it canRequest for information and clarifications or documentary elements for the compilation of public entities constituted by AT [Autoridade Tributária], DGTF [Direcção Geral do Tesouro e Finanças] and IGCP [Agência de Gestão da Tesouraria e da Dívida Pública], in addition to “the entity operating the system and third parties in the field of payments (banking and financial entities) approved by them, as part of their participation in the Program”, also indicates the document.

How does IVAucher work?

a Membership of IVAucher can be done until December 28, 2021.

The program has established itself as a support for some of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and allows this Accumulation of the amount of VAT spent With accommodation, catering and culture.

Fuel has now been added to the list of regions where VAT reductions apply.

VAT can then be accumulated in IVAucher spent on consumption later, but not to exceed 50% of the value of new purchases.

To take advantage of the discounts, you must join the program via Site Pay for your purchases with a bank card, and always ask for an invoice with the tax number.

In addition, it must be consumed by a commercial entity that has subscribed to IVAucher.

SIC Notícias announced that it had almost joined the program last Thursday, October 21 500 thousand citizens And by the way 4 thousand commercial entities.

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