Company incorporation in 2021: How Cyprus and Hungary compare to the United States

A key topic for entrepreneurs around the world, where to integrate their business. Cyprus has a long tradition of being one of the most reliable business centers in the world – and recently other countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Malta have sought to join the club of attractive European nations. to found an international company.

When deciding where to incorporate a business, businesses first set their priorities. One of their main considerations is the cost of running the business, including labor. Other considerations for businesses include political stability, taxes, and the ease of incorporating their business entity.

Here in Cyprus, the government has made it easier for foreign entities with a official information portal to enable business creation available in English. Other European countries where the English language was less important are not yet aware of the progress made by the Cypriot government over the past decade.

What does incorporation mean?

If you want your business to become a separate legal entity, you must incorporate it. In the United States, another attractive country for this purpose, it means that you have to form a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation. Thereafter, your company has the same rights as any individual citizen.

What are the advantages of starting a business?

One of the main advantages of setting up your business is that you are not responsible if the business faces a legal battle or suffers a loss. Additionally, an LLC can sue, acquire assets, and remain in existence even if the shareholders disperse.

Key factors to consider when choosing a country to incorporate your business?

Depending on the country, residency is often a prerequisite for starting a business. Other considerations include the availability of reliable human capital and the cost of hiring workers. Depending on the country in which you decide to incorporate, corporate governance requirements and the merger and acquisition process will vary.

The tax implications for a business are one of the primary considerations when a business decides where to incorporate. Income tax and capital gains taxes are important, and tax breaks are often an important deciding factor.

The ease with which a business can form an LLC or a corporation is vital. Faster filing of registration documents, obtaining reliable registered agent service, quick sorting of tax document preparation process, obtaining Employee Identification Number (EIN) and creating an operating agreement are just a few of the processes required at the start. In some countries it is easier to do them without any help, while in foreign countries it is better to have someone accompany you through the process.

Subsequently, a business must comply with required reporting intervals, business statements, and maintain business compliance.

Comparison of company formation in Cyprus, Hungary and the United States

There are different reasons why some countries are considered easier to integrate than others. These include great corporate banking, quick and easy setup, flexible labor laws, and tax efficiency.

Incorporation in Hungary

One of the most developed countries in Central Europe, this member of the European Union is an excellent location as it is the gateway to a market of 500 million people. Hungary has a profitable workforce with excellent skills.

Across the EU, Hungary has the lowest corporate tax rate at 9%. Non-resident companies have no withholding tax on payments. The country is known for its stability, both financial and political. Non-EU residents must apply for a residence permit if they wish to start a business there.

Incorporation in Cyprus

Cyprus is known to be easier and faster than many other European countries to start a business. The process begins with an application submitted to the Registrar of Companies, and the business is usually registered within a week.

The procedures that must be followed before registering the company include the drafting of the memorandum and articles of association, stipulating the rights and obligations of the shareholders. A Cypriot business is considered a respected EU entity and the country has one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe at 12.5%. You can also manage your business remotely and closing a business in Cyprus is a straightforward procedure.

Incorporation in the United States

Even though the United States has a fairly high tax bracket and imposes a tax on foreign income, it remains one of the first countries to start a business. In addition to a skilled and diverse workforce, the United States is the world leader in research and development. Startups also have a wide variety of funding sources to choose from.

In any of the 50 states nationwide, new business owners can apply for incorporation online. The process is quick, inexpensive, and easy. US nationals generally set up a business in the state in which they live. One of the most popular states for incorporating a business for non-US residents is Delaware.

The fastest and easiest way to start an LLC in the United States is to use a business start-up service. In addition to being economical, LLC Training Services offers a range of services including registered agent services and ongoing business support. Read it ZenBusiness Reviews to get a better idea of ​​how a good business start-up service helps your business grow.

Last word

There are various advantages to starting a business in Hungary, Cyprus or the United States. However, the United States still leads with its pro-business federal and state laws, access to capital, research and development, and the availability of a skilled workforce.

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