Common dental injuries in personal injury suits

Injury accidents can occur in several ways. When negligence is the cause of an accident and injuries result, the victim of such a situation may be able to file a claim for compensation. Mississippi’s pure comparative negligence system allows individuals to sue in court to recover the costs associated with their damages.

Personal injury can also occur in many ways in a personal injury accident, dental injury being one of them. Dental injuries may be included in a Mississippi personal injury claim. Although dental injuries are not likely to be life-threatening, they can still require intensive medical treatment and surgery, reconstruction, pain and suffering, and it will take some time to recover.

Which dental and oral injuries occur most often after an injury accident?

Injury accidents having involved head trauma are many. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, each year in the United States there may be up to 3.8 million reported traumatic brain injuries.

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents, for example, are the leading causes of serious accidents resulting in head injuries. When the head experiences the impact, the brain can smash against the hard bones of the skull. This can damage brain tissue and lead to TBI. Often when the head takes on such force, it is not just the brain that is damaged. Broken bones in the face, lacerations and bruises on the skin, and damage to the teeth and gums can also occur.

Dental injuries can cause tremendous pain, lead to facial disfigurement, and have far-reaching ramifications on a person’s quality of life. For example, solid food intake may be restricted until dental injuries can be treated and recovered.

Some of the most common dental injuries and mouth trauma that occur after an injury accident include:

  • Broken teeth.
  • Teeth pulled out of mouth.
  • Chips in the teeth.
  • Displaced teeth.
  • Lacerations and cuts to gums, lips and tongue.
  • Missing pieces of language.
  • Bruises.
  • Punctures.

If you have suffered dental and oral damage as a result of your accident, it may be necessary to see a dentist, a dental surgeon and even a plastic surgeon depending on the severity of your injuries. Restoring your mouth to one that is intact, functional, and attractive may require a number of different services and surgeries. You might need dental implants, dental surgeries, and if you have severe facial disfigurement, a plastic surgeon might be needed. The cost of treatment, medication and absence from work are just some of the expenses that will need to be taken into account.

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