Candidate for Campbell Legal Director: Brian Macala

Name: Brian Macala
Age: 54
Desired office: Campbell Director of Law
Occupation: Lawyer
Education: YSU, 1989; Cleveland-Marshall Law College, 1992

I held the position for a total of 21 years. During this time, I have pursued over 9,000 cases and provided independent legal advice to the City. I am also very involved in Campbell organizations, especially those focused on our children.

What are your priorities for your community?
Continue to work closely with our law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the citizens of Campbell. To this end, I make myself available to our police officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also work closely with our zoning department to deal with properties requiring special attention in order to improve the quality of life in our areas. neighborhoods. I will continue to work closely with our administration and board, providing independent legal advice to help improve our city, whatever form it may take.

What policies, if any, will you support to promote diversity and inclusion in your community?
Campbell is a real melting pot. We have a very diverse community. Growing up here, being educated in Campbell Schools and living here, there is one thing about me about the diversity of this city – I don’t judge people by who they are, but by how they behave. My daily job is with our police department. We now have a group of officers dedicated to racial and gender diversity. I want to see this continue to grow and support efforts to recruit more diversity into the ranks of our patrollers.

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