Camp Herbster, accusers release press statements on Monday

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Last weekend was a busy time for Charles Herbster’s campaign.

A second woman recorded groping allegations and a rally with former President Donald Trump included controversial statements about Herbster’s education policy.

GOP legislative aide Elizabeth Todsen said Herbster groped her at a political event in 2019. It was at the same event that Senator Julie Slama said Herbster touched her inappropriately .

Todsen says the decision to come forward, in an article published Saturday, was extremely difficult due to his fear of repercussions from Herbster. She also praised Slama for coming forward.

Herbster’s executive assistant shared her side of the story Monday with a press release from the Herbster campaign about the Elephant Remembers dinner in 2019.

In the post, Michelle Keithley says she’s “never seen” Herbster do anything but treat women with respect. She also says she wanted to wait until after the weekend rally in Greenwood to release a statement.

Slama’s legal counsel retaliated by stating in an emailed statement that “Senator Slama will not plead Charles Herbster’s inaccuracies and misrepresentations through press releases.”

The email from Slama’s attorneys also said that the legal process would require Herbster and Keithley to make statements under penalty of perjury and that Herbster is expected to testify on Friday.

The ongoing legal battle did not deter Herbster from attending a weekend rally, with Donald Trump as the keynote speaker.

Herbster did not respond to the allegations at the rally; however, an ad attacking State Senator Julie Slama, Gov. Pete Ricketts and gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen played throughout Sunday’s rally.

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