Advancing Black America Through Homeownership!

(black wire PR) Louisville, KY – Black Chamber of Commerce Black Inc., 501 (c) (3) National Economic Development Organization and Certified Community Development Entity (CDE), under the United States Department of the Treasury, launches its Advancing Black Homeownership initiative, a national homebuyer education program HUD certified to increase home ownership for blacks across the country. The program’s HUD-certified online course platform, combined with the 11-step in-room homebuyer assistance process, guides clients toward homeownership. The program connects clients with credit specialists, city down payment assistance programs, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, insurance brokers and financial planning entities. The HUD Certified Online Course educates clients on homeownership and financial literacy, resulting in an online course completion certificate valid in all territories of the United States. Certificate is required to participate in various BMR (Below Market Rate), BMP (Below Market Program) and DPA (Down Payment Assistance) home buying programs and / or FHA loans.

“As the chamber focuses its efforts on ‘Advancing Black America’, homeownership is one of the TEN pillars that the chamber has identified as a critical focus area that will lead to economic mobility and social of black Americans, because home ownership is the foundation of generational construction. wealth, by increasing home equity over the years, homeowners can borrow against that wealth to cover financial emergencies and most importantly to send their children to college, ”said John Howard Shaw-Woo, Founder and CEO of the chamber.

In 2020, following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, which sparked a national awareness of racism and inequality in the United States, the chamber felt compelled to focus its efforts on creating program initiatives that would help “Advance Black America”, and in doing so, he identified TEN pillars that black America faces, which, if addressed, would lead to significant economic and social changes for them. Black individuals and families The first FOUR pillars are “business” focused and consist of programming focused on supporting black entrepreneurs – start-up, black small businesses – growth, mid-size businesses – sustainability, and black professionals – rising. The remaining SIX pillars are centered on “Community,” which the chamber calls “Sickness.” These areas relate to trauma-focused programming in the community. black community, higher career success for black teens, apprenticeship and vocational training for black teens unrelated to college, social rights reform, placement of black talent in business; and home ownership.

Homeownership is a key driver of wealth creation and it must be made accessible to all black Americans if we are to increase the financial security and economic social status of black Americans. The program is available on www.NoirHomebuyerProgram.org Where www.Noirbcc.org.

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