Apple to exercise legal rights and keep Fortnite banned from the App Store

Apple will continue to exercise its legal right to keep Fortnite banned from the App Store.

The Epic Games vs Apple trial is now over, and the spinoff sees some things change – and more things stay the same. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has ruled that Apple is not monopolistic and has not violated antitrust laws, and that it has the right to keep Fortnite – and Epic Games – off its platform as long as he wants.

Epic didn’t like this decision. In fact, Epic mostly lost the lawsuit; The court ruled in favor of Epic in only one complaint, namely that Apple’s 30% commission was unjustified, excessive and “supercompetitive”. Apple is not antitrust, but it is showing signs of becoming antitrust thanks to anti-competitive policies. Apple was forced to allow developers to offer in-game payment links that would bypass Apple’s 30% revenue cut, allowing app and game developers to keep 100% of revenue.

Epic, however, wanted more. They not only wanted the courts to force Apple to allow Fortnite to return to the storefront, but also asked Apple to allow third-party storefronts and payment processing systems within Fortnite. Epic, has earned over $ 6 billion from Fortnite to date, wanted to have the Epic Games Store on iOS.

The courts said Epic had broken its contract and was ordered to pay Apple $ 6 million. The judge did not rule that Apple should allow Fortnite to return, and Apple has the right to refuse Fortnite – or any other game or company that breaks its contract.

Apple does exactly that. Apple’s legal counsel said Fortnite will remain banned from iOS and the App Store until the current appeal is processed. Epic immediately appealed the court’s decision after a decision was made, kicking off months of new legal proceedings.

“In light of this statement and others since the court ruling, and coupled with Epic’s deceptive conduct in the past, Apple has exercised its discretion not to reinstate Epic’s development program at this time. .

“In addition, Apple will not consider any other reinstatement request before the district court judgment as final and without appeal”, Apple lawyers said.

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