Amid “Pandora Papers” Leak, DLA Piper Signs PR Company Deal for King Abdullah of Jordan

  • Law firm works with Atlanta’s Stripe Theory on King Abdullah media scrutiny
  • King Abdullah, star of ‘Pandora Papers’ leak, denies wrongdoing

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(Reuters) – DLA Piper has retained public relations firm Stripe Services LLC to help defend King Abdullah II of Jordan, a centerpiece of media reporting on leaked financial documents that shine a light on wealth and spending foreign leaders.

The law firm‘s contract with Atlanta-based Stripe was received Monday by the US Department of Justice under federal law that requires public registration of certain legal, lobbying and public relations engagements with foreign customers. Stripe’s customer services include marketing, crisis management, and data collection.

Stripe, according to the contract, “will provide advisory services and assist the law firm in providing legal advice and representation regarding potential libel and other legal remedies associated with investigations and / or articles relating to His Majesty King Abdullah. II ”.

DLA Piper’s contract with King Abdullah, which the Justice Department disclosed last week, indicates the company will work with Jordan on media-related issues. The contract, whereby Washington DC-based litigation partner Mary Gately will bill $ 1,335 an hour, did not specify that the work was related to the release of financial documents collectively known as “Pandora Papers.”

Gately did not immediately return a message on Wednesday seeking comment on DLA Piper’s hiring of a marketing firm. Stripe’s Craig Kronenberger, who founded the company in 2015, did not immediately return a message on Wednesday seeking comment.

The Federal Foreign Agent Registration Act requires disclosure of documents that can provide insight inside law firms, revealing rates and personnel matters that companies do not otherwise disclose on a large scale.

The new contract documents show that Stripe will charge at an undisclosed hourly rate. DLA Piper said he would send Stripe’s bills to King Abdullah for payment.

The Stripe website showed that customers included automaker Nissan, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and sporting goods company Mizuno Corp. Acceleration Community of Companies acquired Stripe last year. The company operates under the name Stripe Theory.

Reports based on the Pandora Papers said King Abdullah spent more than $ 100 million on luxury homes in Britain and the United States. King Abdullah told tribal chiefs in his first statement on this subject that “the cost of these properties and all related expenses have been personally funded by His Majesty. None of these expenses were financed by the budget or the public treasury ”.

DLA Piper said in an earlier statement on behalf of King Abdullah that he had “at no time abused public money or used in any way the proceeds of aid or assistance intended for public use “.

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