10 legal cases we’d love to see Jennifer Walters take on

She-Hulk: Lawyer is heading to Disney+ on August 17, and fans have already gotten their first look at the series thanks to Marvel Studios’ recently released trailer. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to expand again with the debut of Jennifer Walters, who is an incredibly talented and well-established lawyer in the comics.

It looks like the show will take a more comedic stance on procedurals, but there’s sure to be a variety of intriguing cases that She-Hulk finds herself in, thanks to her role in a superhuman department. These cases may involve fun characters, starring in the larger MCU, or perhaps mirroring certain arcs from the comics!


ten The case of Emil Blonsky


Emil Blonsky was once a US Army experiment, a soldier who thought he went above and beyond in his duty to protect against the Incredible Hulk. His mutation into Abomination corrupted his very purpose and led to him being placed behind bars himself.

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It would be fascinating to see Walters take his case to court, given the relationship Blonsky had with his cousin, Bruce Banner. If she were to portray him, against her will, it would add an extra layer of intriguing conflict, which would likely end up seeing her testing her metal against a classic comic book villain.

9 A partnership with Matt Murdock

Spider-Man No Way Home Charlie Cox Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock finds himself in court almost every day, defending those who cannot afford a traditional attorney. While he becomes Daredevil at night, his time in the courtroom is actually quite successful. Indeed, a sequel to his Netflix series might even include Jennifer Walters as one of its cases.

Of course, the first place these two incredible lawyers could team up is in She-Hulk. It would be fun to see Walters firmly established in the MCU standing alongside an equal like Matt Murdock who is no stranger to superpowered cases. If it’s possible that the two supers will also fight alongside each other, then that’s a bonus!

8 Resettlement of the Inhumans

black bolt

The Inhumans were brought back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Black Bolt appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Although their initial show was less than well received, there is an opportunity here to reestablish the team on screen.

Inhumans, the ABC series ended with the royal family stranded on Earth among their people. The Inhumans must be resettled; New Attilan perhaps. It’s a huge case but one that Jennifer Walters could surely take on, as she finds a way for these powerful people to establish their own society off the Moon.

7 Limit the damage

So far not much has been done with Damage Control. They were briefly established as the Stark Enterprise and tasked with cleaning up the mess left behind by the superhero community. There will certainly be a court case to be had in connection, however.

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Whether Damage Control is being sued for the potentially corrupt way in which it carried out its work, or perhaps Damage Control is suing its destructive activity, Jennifer Walters is surely perfectly placed to weigh in on such an influential case.

6 An investigation by Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones doesn’t often find herself in a courtroom, but she’s an expert detective who could easily provide the kind of evidence needed to win a case. She is the kind of ally the lawyers would be extremely happy to have and could form a unique partnership with Walters.

If Jones will appear in She-Hulk remains to be seen, but fans would be thrilled to see Jennifer get involved in a case that requires the skills of Alias ​​Investigations. Moreover, on the battlefield, these two strong and inspiring women would make a powerful team.

5 New Asgard Business

Thor 4 Love and Thunder King Valkyrie and Jane Foster sitting on thrones

New Asgard was created in Norway to resettle the Asgardians, due to the destruction of their former home. It is unknown how this decision was made or what kind of power these gods now hold among humans, given that they once wielded such cosmic force.

There will certainly be court cases involving New Asgard and the role they can play in the international community. Its inhabitants are not only superpowers, they are true deities. Jennifer Walters has the confidence and skills to get into this kind of business; it would actually help define the story of the MCU’s future.

4 Multiverse variants

The Multiverse is clearly becoming a major part of the MCU going forward. Fans have seen rifts in the Multiverse before, whether it’s various iterations of Spider-Man’s breakthrough or Loki’s altered timeline. It’s unclear how the VAT works now with the fall of He Who Remains.

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This could mean variants could start appearing on Earth-616. If there is a variant, what is the legality of their position in this advancing reality? They cannot assume the life of their doppelganger but are apparently citizens of nowhere. It’s a complex case that She-Hulk might be able to solve.

3 Love at first sight

Abomination as it appears in MCU Shang Chi

The Thunderbolts have been heavily teased before in the MCU. While there’s a Dark Avengers-like team being built by Valentina, there’s also room for a Thunderbolts unit. It might even be a group that Abomination is introduced to in She-Hulk.

Of course, there are plenty of legal challenges to taking a group of bad guys into the field, especially if the government uses the kind of program that sees a bombshell in its members’ heads. Jennifer Walters would stand up for the rights of these criminals, even someone like Blonksy who wronged her family.

2 A prowler’s flight

Prowler or Aaron Davis has only appeared once in the MCU so far, but audiences would love to see the quirky character return. He is the uncle of Miles Morales and is known to have been involved in petty crimes. He could still be in trouble with the law!

Davis may be looking for legal counsel in the form of Jennifer Walters. The type of crime he got involved in would probably be ridiculous, but it would be interesting to see if the character evolved into Prowler, with the costume as well, and how he would bounce back to his lawyer.

1 The fool

She-Hulk talks about Jester

One of the main cases She-Hulk takes on in the comics involves a villain known as Jester. The character is wrongfully accused of a crime and his case ultimately leads to his death, much to the shame of Walters who feels an injustice has been done.

The case is the first step towards the second Civil War in Marvel Comics history. This battle could be set up in She-Hulk, although that seems unlikely. Perhaps as a nod to the narrative and a way to include the wacky character, Jennifer could represent Jester and actually get justice on the show.

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